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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  October 12, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc hundreds of protesters blocked the doors of wells fargo bank headquarters in san francisco this morning, resulting in police moving in. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. police arrest more than a dozen. protesters are all ages. they have a variety of issues concerning the economic crisis, including unemployment and
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foreclosures. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: protesters feel pleased with what they've done here today. they've managed to shutdown thes with wells fargo branch offices. -- bank customers are not getting in the offices are open. police say some protesters agreed to move away interest those doors. they are blocking the brand. offices. protesters were arrested. wells fargo has not asked them to move the protesters in front of the branch doors. the movement went on the move today with a march straight through the financial district. the hundreds managed to temporarily take over drum street and then sacramento so they could be seen and heard. marching wasn't their main objective today. they were headed to a deck
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destination, the wells fargo bank on montgomery this is where protesters landed before 8:00 a.m. and cemented -- and settled in for the long haul. >> i would like to get in the building and do my job. >> reporter: instead, well dressed bank employees stood on the sidewalk and batched as protesters expressed their anger towards banks -- >> if you look at banks receiving a 30 billion dollar tax handout from taxpayers, people are upset. >> reporter: some went so far as to classify banks in the same category as criminals. >> if any working-class person had done what the banks and wall street had gone done, they would be in jail. >> reporter: wells fargo issue sued -- issued a statement saying the bank has paid the government back. one frustrated locked out employee said the protesters
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should not be targeting banks. >> i know what their message is, not corporate greed. people bought houses they couldn't afford with money they didn't have. >> reporter: the headquarters is on market in front of the federal reserve building. once this march is over activists plan to stay there as long as it takes. >> people told me they will not leave until they get answers, fairness, the economy changes. >> reporter: police have arrested 11 people for trespassing because they tried to go inside the corporate offices. this branch is closed, police say it will be a matter of time before wells fargo wants to open this branch and wants the protesters out of here. as of now they are ready and willing to let them keep going as long as they keep peaceful. two of the three victims in last week's shooting
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rampage at a cupertino quarry are being he laid to rest today. last night there was a service for man well pinon. -- services for the third victim munoz will take place friday. an autopsy report shows the gunman was killed by a bullet from his own gun that wall let him hit in the head during a confrontation with police. police say the officers did not realize allman shot himself. oakland about to begin a search for its fourth police chief in the last seven years. anthony batts announced he will resign in november. he said he can't manage the department with the limited resources and tremendous amount of bureaucracy. he says he has limited control but full liability. he will officially leave early november after just 2 1/2 years on-the-job. it is expected that the
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assistant chief will take over. batts will retire with his full pension estimated at between $270 and $300,000 a year. >> the barricades in place after last year's pipeline explosion in san bruno are coming down. a ceremony to mark the occasion is getting underway. >> reporter: it was a very brief ceremony, a few words, very poignant. i want to show you something you have not seen since september 9th, last year. for the first time since the natural gas explosion and the deaths of eight people and destruction of 38 hopes, glen view drive is now open -- 38 homes, glen view drive is now open. the mayor said a few words, pulled back the barricades that blocked this street, all that time. a couple of women were so excited about the reunification of the neighborhood they ran ahead of
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the group halfway up that other hill and came back down there were hugs, a lot of emotion this is more than a connection geographicallally, physically with one side of the -- side of the city to the other this is more than that. before the sermon we had a chance to talk to the mayor about what this -- the ceremony we had a chance to talk with the mayor. >> it is another little chapter in our ongoing story. we have a long way to go. this is a big part of it. >> reporter: some of that long way to go happened last friday when the governor signed a bill that could require remote controlled and automatic shut off valves on gas pipes if the pressure drops. that would be up to the california public utilities commission. the law is now on the boobs, direct result of what happened at the intersection you are looking at. it was the ground zero of the pipeline explosion and -- and
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the 90 minute fire that torched this neighborhood. it going to cost pg&e two billion dollars to upgrade bys rate payers paying for 90% of that. -- the job is going to get done. what happened here is going to be felt all over california and the mayor says that he wants to make sure, and there are steps being made to make sure something like this never happens again. glen view drive open again. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. an about face in the trial of the so-called underwear bomber. what the terror suspect did today that stunned the courtroom. new details in an alleged plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. what the suspect's wife says, why she is in total shock.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a surprising development in the second day of the terrorism trial of the so-called underwear bomber. umar farouk abdulmutallab stunned a detroit courtroom when he suddenly pleaded guilty to trying to bring down a delta flight on christmas 2009. abdulmutallab told the court that the underwear bomb was a blessed weapon to save the lives of innocent muslims. abdulmutallab admitted he is guilty under u.s. law but maintains he's innocent under muslim law. he faces a mandatory life
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sentence. the government of iran strongly denying involvement in a to set off bombs in washington, d.c. and assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador. the obama administration is reaching out to foreign governments to isolate iran. >> reporter: according to u.s. officials it was an assassination plot hatched by iran to be executed on american soil bombs detonated at a capitol hill restaurant. the target, saudi arabia's ambassador abdel al-jubeir. the collateral damage would likely had been dozens of americans. >> we would be looking at a military confrontation. >> this is a provocation. >> reporter: 56-year-old manssor arbabsiar an iranian-american from texas was tape -- thought he was dealing with a member of a mexican drug cartel who was a dea informant.
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>> this was conceived, sponsored and decked from iran. >> reporter: vice president biden told abc news the u.s. response could go beyond sanctions. >> nothing has been taken off the take. that the world nighted that it is not the united states versus iran that -- that the isolation of iran and the attempt to change the behavior is universal, not just with us itch >> reporter: manssor arbabsiar is now in custody. his wife says she doesn't think he was involved. >> he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. >> reporter: how far along was the plot? two separate payments totalling $100,000 the u.s. says came if the iranians had:wired to an undercover fbi bank account down payment for attack. -- t.j. winick, abc news, new york. the uc berkeley grads who had been imprisoned in iran
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were on capitol hill today to thank the senators who helped in their release. the trio was arrested in july 2009 for crossing in iran while hiking. iran accused them of spying. shourd was released after 14 months. fattal and bauer were freed last month. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> with which i had some solar panels today, tomorrow and the next day. we have warm invection clouds, warm air coming in that will boost that warming trend. we'll talk about the changes this weekend through monday plus, major blackberry outage that has hit the u.s.. what users here in the bay area are experiencing. the nationwide effort today to break a world record has some in the bay area doing jumping jacks. and you askh@h@h@
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the protesters, we've heard repeatedly the
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demonstrators support a more equitable distribution of wealth in this country. >> katie marzullo joins us with more on the many demands. >> reporter: in following this protest this morning you see a lot of different signage and you hear different slogans. in the short time we've been standing here we've heard chanting, moving again now as you can see. we heard an a cappella group that chained the lyrics to a popular song and singing for the crowd. when you -- you he when you talk to the individual group they explain how they are all connected. from live music, to slogans, echoing from amplifiers it may seem multiple groups are here with multiple messages. they are, but they aren't.
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>> 99% of the population is clear on the fact that we have been -- that we've been efe-jjp raw deal. there are no waters to muddy. we have a lot to figure out. the most important thing is we know we are unified. >> reporter: celia is a berkeley high school student. >> i'm trying to get my voice heard, i think the most important thing is government put people first that's what everyone here wants. >> reporter: this woman wants to end racism. she insists her sign fits right in. >> our country has been built on the backs of slaves and still is. we have slavery in other countries such as -- >> reporter: other groups include longshoremen and nurses. today does not mark the end of this demonstration. we understand that occupy walnut creek is about to get
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underway this afternoon. katie marzullo, abc7 news. problems with blackberry smartphones have spread to the u.s.. blackouts have left millions without e-mail, web browsing and messaging services that includes cheryl and me. this after two days of sporadic blackouts across europe, mideast and africa. the maker says the earlier problem lem was caused by core and switch failures. the company blames the latest failure on server problems. >> frustrating when you can get that information you need. >> i feel like it is 2002 or something. >> so primitive. promised a nice day. >> you see by the flags they are blowing from the land out to the sea. that's a good sign that warmer weather is on the way, thanks to that land breeze. here's a beautiful picture of the golden gate noing to there. one more picture -- from south
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beach in the port of oakland beautiful picture with the hills in the background. little hazying nothing to be concerned about as far as poor air quality we are running on the healthy side now. you can see clouds strolling from the west mid level clouds from the west, lower level winds rolling off to the -- i -- [ unintelligible ] what happens is we just have lifting in the atmosphere that's why those clouds are there because the winds are moving in opposite directions. enough of that science lesson. here's a look at sixties and 70s already half moon bay at 70 not far -- 74 livermore the warm spot. 66 monterey 69 in gilroy and santa cruz. let's talk sun and warmer
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temperatures everywhere today, clear and tonight not as cool as it was this morning, comfortable and the weekend still trending cooler, still dry right now. 3° warmer in oakland, san francisco 5, concord, fremont, san jose 7. santa rosa 8° warmer than yesterday. two dominant areas of high pressure clockwise flow around those counterclockwise flow around the low where the heat is funnels the warm weather into our neighborhoods and keeps the cooler air over the ocean that going to hang around today, tomorrow and friday low to mid 80s today in the east bay valleys walnut creek around 83 castro valley and fremont at 81 mid and upper 70s for most of the east bay shore south bay low to mid 70s a little breeze off the bay near sunnyvale and milpedis upper 70s up the
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peninsula upper 70s to low 80s millbrae 76 low to mid 70s along the coast into downtown south san francisco even sausalito with san rafael at 79 near 70 sun at your beaches 74 monterey 72 carmel low to mid 80s for the rest of the day into the inland neighborhoods. 100 palm springs, 97 in l.a.. with that flow coming up our way we could see 90s inland the next couple of days. tonight 50s and 60s not bad fairly calm if we have patchy fog like we did in morning it will be in our deepest valleys. i think we have two to four more degrees of warming out of this air mass for thursday into friday then drop about four degrees saturday with more clouds and another four sunday holding steady closer to where we should be this time of year monday into tuesday. >> thank you mike. perfect weather for exercise. >> we should talk about that. students in san francisco did some jumping jacks today as
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part of an effort led by the nation's first lady to promote excercise. mrs. obama launched that effort yesterday to break the guinness book of records for the most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours. today students and teachers took part. more than -- -- >> just ahead, the story behind steve jobs' signature black turtlenecks, where they came from and why he wore them, when we come back cl
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breaking news in concord decide 7 over the adult education center where police are investigating some kind after attack. witnesses say its about a stabbing. police have not confirmed it. school officials tell us they are not locked down there was an incident on campus and police are looking for a suspect right now. today at 4:00, the marathon running police officer who got a medal for catching a cheater. at 5:00, actress scarlett johansson and other
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celebs get relief after their accounts are targeted by hackers. steve jobs explains why he wore black turtleneck jeans and sneakers. >> he said he got the idea in the 80s after talking with the chairman of sony. >> sony used a famous designer to design a uniform for the employees. jobs like the idea so much he had the designer make a uniform for the employees at apple. that flopped. >> he wanted a form for himself and the rest is history. -- >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great. $
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